046-0202                          444-7 Fumi, Shakotan-cho, Shakotan-gun
TEL 0135-44-3277
MAIL refore@nifty.com
URL http://www.shakotan.net/

P: Akira Kato

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Access                                 From JR Otaru Stationor Yoichi Station, take the Chuo bus bound for "Yobetsu" (bound for "Kamui-misaki" in April-November) and get off at "Fumi." Walk 5 minutes.
    We moved to Shakotan from Kobe in 1993 and started the YH. We welcome the guests who plan the trip self, interested in local culture, and want to experience the travel which is different from those in the guidebook. In particular, if you come here during Oct.-Apr., you will understand the good points of you YH.

    In regard to meal, we try our best to make every guests full. We would like to recommend the hand-made cakes, bread, dessert, and smoked salmon by ourselves to you.

    If you stay here in winter, we will take you to watch sea lions, seals, and Ojiro eagles. Actually, we are helping the research of Hokkaido sea lions (in late Dec.) and seals (in early Mar.).

    By the way, our name "Refore" comes from "RE-FOREST" (return to the forest).

Accommodation Capacity 12
Parking 10
Room Rates
Members \3700
Visitors \4300
Breakfast \600
Dinner \1200