093-0423                      Saroma-kohan, Aza Hamasaroma, Saroma-cho, Tokoro-gun
TEL 01587-6-2515
MAIL Not available

URL http://homepage3.nifty.com/saromakohan/ P: Kunihiro Yasuda


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ACCESS                                         Take the Abashiri Bus bound for Nakayubetsu from JR Abashiri Station. Get off at "Hamasaroma" (1 hour) from which it is a 25 minute walk.
Pick up service is available if you call the YH.
By car: One hour drive from Memanbetsu Airport on R238.

* You can see great natural beauty that has not yet been damaged by tourism by taking in views of Lake Saroma from Mt. Horoiwa, walking through the flower garden or to Cape Kimuaneppu.

* There are many foxes, squirrels and birds around the YH.

* For ¥2500 you can enjoy a "Hotate Club" dinner which includes a number of scallop dishes.

* Rental bicycles are available.

* Credit cards are acceptable.
Accommodation Capacity 24
Parking 30
Room Rates
Members \3200
Visitors \3800
Breakfast \800
Dinner \1300
CLOSED Nov 5-Jan 31,
Twice a month           (Except July, August, and September)