Access to Sapporo international youth hostel

(3)From the Sapporo town

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STEP 1 Go to take the subway Toho line
First of all, let's take the nearby subway.
Please get on not Nanboku Line but Toho line, when you are in the vicinity of the station
of Sapporo Station, the Otori station, and the Susukino station.
(Nanboku Line runs side by side with Toho line and is running these three

Sapporo ekibus navi -The guide of the public traffic around Sapporo

Please input to the place of departure by ↑, and  put "Gakuenmae" to search it..

STEP 2 Approach from subway Toho line Gkuenmae station to YH

Go out of the examination of tickets of Gakuenmae and go to the second exit.
There is a map in the presence when you go out of the examination of tickets and
confirm the place of YH,

There is a building of 11 stories in the interior of the bicycle
parking when you go out of the second exit and turn back (exchange
of going abroad to study center). The building of four stories hidden in the interior is YH.
The photograph of the subway station

Map of the area

6-5-35 6-jyo Toyohira Toyohira-ku Sapporo-shi Hokkaido 062-0906
Tel 81-11-825-3120