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Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions(Summary)

For detailed information, please refer to the document below:

Standard Travel Industry Provisions (PDF) *In Japanese only

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An "Arranged Travel Contract" is a contract that is signed between you (the customer) and our company, for us to provide you with the required travel services.

Travel Reservation

Travelers intending to enter a contract for travel arrangements with the Company must agree to the terms and conditions prescribed in the application form provided by the Company, and must be submitted along with the respective travel fees to the Company.

Establishment of Contract

The contract of travel arrangement is established when the Company accepts the terms of the submission, and has received the full amount of the travel fees.

Payment of Travel Fees

The customer must pay the travel fees to our company by the date specified by our company.
Once the correspondence contract is valid, our company will accept payment for the travel fees from our partner companies card to the specified sales slip. In this case, the credit card payment date will be the date when our company notifies the customer of the confirmed travel service contents.


*After confirming available vehicles, please complete your reservation by paying the rental fee in full.

Cancellation Charges

If the customer wishes to terminate the contract after it has been established, the following cancellation charges will apply for each rented car:
Time of Cancellation Cancellation/Penalty Charge
No. of days counted backward from the day before actual travel start date Cancellation 8 days or more Free

  Cancellation 7 days or less 30% of Rental Fee
Cancellation on the day before actual travel start date 40% of Rental Fee
Cancellation on actual travel start date 50% of Rental Fee
Cancellation if no contact or no show after start of travel 100% of Rental Fee


We accept cancellation and modification requests through e-mail. However, e-mails received after 17:00 can only be processed the following day. Please note that cancellation fee rates are subject to change. * English-speaking staff may not always be available, so please contact us through e-mail if possible.

Our Responsibilities and Liability Waivers

  1. Our company will fulfill our part of the travel contract, and in the case that our company or our partner companies cause any injury or loss to our customers due to intentional or negligent behavior, we will be responsible for any damages incurred. But this only applies within 2 years from the next day following the date of the respective incident.
  2. For example, if the customer suffers any injury or loss due to the following reasons, our company is not held responsible as in item (1). But if our company or our partner companies are proved to be intentional or negligent, then the above limitation does not apply.
    1. Acts of providence, war, riots, or change of travel plans due to the above reasons; or termination of travel
    2. Injury or loss due to accidents by transportation or accommodation agency; or fire
    3. Change of travel plans or termination of travel due to termination of service by transportation or accommodation company
    4. Change of travel plans or termination of travel due to orders by Japan or Foreign Public Offices, Travel Restrictions to Foreign Countries, or quarantine due to contagious diseases
    5. Accidents occurred during free movement
    6. Food Poisoning
    7. Theft
    8. Change of travel plans or shortening of length of stay due to delay, blockages, schedule changes, route changes, etc. by transportation company
  3. Our company will in accordance to damages regarding personal hand luggage incurred as specified in item (1), as long as our company is notified within 14 days from the day following the incident, a maximum of 150,000 Yen will be reimbursed to each person (with exception for cases with intentional and gross negligence)

Handling of Personal Information

When the customer makes a reservation and sends personal information, besides using this information to contact the customer, our company will forward this information to the respective transportation and accommodation companies (this is specified in the course), to facilitate the provision of services and necessary operations.

*In addition, our customers personal information may be used by our company, retail shops and partner companies products and services, campaign information, travel questionnaires and comment requests, privilege services, and the production of statistical data.
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