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JR Eki Rent-A-Car JR Eki Rent-A-Car
Class: WA Class
Displacement/Transmission : 2000cc
Models : SERENA/VOXY/etc
No. of Passengers : 8
Crew x 6 + Trank x 3 or Bag x 4
GPS Navi Rental |
All cars come equipped with Non-Smoking and Multilingual GPS.
ETC car rental is available for \540.
New Chitose Airport Branch and Sapporo Branch pickup only.
※Not applicable for pickup/return at Obihiro and Kushiro and Abashiri.

Rental Charges (per car)

A term
2017/4/1 - 4/28
5/7 - 6/20
10/10 - 2018/3/31
2017/6/21 - 7/14
10/1 - 10/9
2017/4/29 - 5/6
8/21 - 9/30
2017/7/15 - 8/20
1Day (Whole Day) 12,346 12,976 13,014 19,417
2Days 21,226 21,826 21,682 31,536
3Days 31,595 32,180 32,753 48,028
4Days 40,558 41,133 42,501 62,970
5Days 49,722 50,287 52,502 77,799
6Days 50,722 51,287 53,502 91,276
7Days 50,722 51,287 53,502 105,516
Per Additional Day 9,856 10,416 14,000 16,991

Rental fees include the car rental fee (unlimited mileage), insurance, CDW(Collision Damage Waiver )and tax. ※ If the car has sustained damage, a NOC(Non Operation Charge)must be paid.

JR Eki Rent a Car / Insurance | Reimbursement

Rental fee includes the following insurance and reimbursement conditions

Auto Insurance To person Limit per person No limit
To object Limit per accident No limit
Vehicle Limit per accident Current price
Personal injury Up to 30 million yen per person

All insurance and reimbursement conditions do not apply if an accident occurs under the following conditions:

  • Driving without wearing a seat belt
  • Neglecting to show identification to the police at the scene of the accident(When unable to obtain proof of accident from the police)
  • Negotiating with the other party on own accord
  • Neglecting to contact the rental shop from the scene of the accident
  • Accident occurs when the rental period is extended without authorisation
  • Accident occurs when the driver and sub-driver are different from those listed in the contract
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving without license
  • Car damage incurred by theft
  • Driving when exceeding the specified passenger capacity
  • Driving in places other than designated roads like the beach, river shore or forest trails, etc.(Accident occurs on roads that are not maintained or managed)
  • Repair fees for damage or corrosion to the car body due to bad usage
  • Vehicle is used for various tests and competitions, towing or pushing other cars
  • When a vehicle that is owned, used and managed by the customer is involved in an accident with the rental car.
  • Damage to car or signage within the rental shop premises
  • Accidents occuring due to driver mistake
  • Damage of car interior
  • Damage due to tire chain, ski carrier, etc.
  • Rental conditions are infringed during use
  • Other insurance disclaimers apply to the accident

Road Service

Rental fee includes the JAF Road Service

Road Service Supported car models All
Tow Service Each incident will be reimbursed up to a limit of 15km of tow service.
When the tow distance exceeds 15km, the remainder cost will be borne by the customer.

Emergency Rescue Service When the vehicle cannot be driven due to breakdown or no battery power, up to 30 mins of emergency rescue service will be provided.
But if the services do not apply as listed here, or the reimbursement limit is exceeded, the cost will be borne by the customer.
Emergency Rescue Service Contents
Battery, etc.
Battery jumping
Changing of various bulbs, fuses
Emergency help within 30 minutes
Refilling of cooling water
Out of fuel
Providing gasoline when out of fuel on the road
When no battery power on the road,? tow service to location where battery can be recharged
Opening locks when locked out of the car(Ordinary cylinder lock)
Changing of spare tire
Tire removal and car jacking(Within 1m)
Repair of damaged tires or tire replacement fee X(Actual price)
*Out of fuel is defined as the engine not being able to start when there is a lack of fuel
*Open lock service can only be requested by the person authorised in the rental contract
  • The name of the driver in the rental contract is the same as the driver license name
  • The name of the company or corporate entity in the rental contract is the same as that displayed on the name card, employee pass and driver's licence.
*When the above conditions are not met, the customer will have to shoulder the cost.
*Services provided other than those listed above must be paid for in full on-site by the customer.
*Road service is provided by JAF Road Service.
For an accident where the reimbursement limit is exceeded, is included in the waiver amount and falls within the insurance conditions,
When an accident occurs due to violation of the rental contract, or damage occurs during usage, the cost is borne by the customer in principle.

In the event of accident or damage

When an accident occurs, please make sure to do the following 4 points:

  1. Provide aid to the injured
  2. Contact the police
  3. Confirm the other party of the accident
  4. Contact the rental shop(If outside office hours, contact the following day)
  • After contacting the police, please obtain a Proof of Traffic Accident from the police.
  • Please do not negotiate with the other party at the scene of the accident. This will invalidate the insurance and reimbursement conditions.
  • Regardless of whether the scratches or dents are big or small, or whether there is another party involved, please treat it as an accident.
  • When the car cannot be driven due to the accident, the rental contract is terminated. In this case, there will be no refund of the rental fee.
  • In the event of an incident that occurs outside the operation hours of the rental shop, and tow service is required, please contact JAF.

When there is damage or problems to the car due to the accident, please stop driving immediately,and contact the rental shop and JAF.

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)

Rental fee includes a waiver of costs to the customer if falling within the insurance and reimbursement conditions (Special conditions / Collision Damage Waiver)are included.

CDW Waiver of costs to the customer if falling within the insurance and reimbursement conditions Free
*Waiver limit is the cost borne by the customer for to object reimbursement, car reimbursement fee.

Non-Operation Charge(NOC)

NOC If the car can be driven and returned to the designated rental shop Free
If the car cannot be driven Free

Rental fee includes Non-Operation Charge(NOC)waiver.

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