How can you get to our hostel?
*The closest station of YH is subway Gakuenmae 学園前(H10) station,Toho Line. And it takes 2 minutes by walk from the station.
*Please make sure your arrival time could make our check-in time till 11pm. If your flight arrived at Chitose airport after 9 pm, it could be hard to check in. However we could possibly accept your request if you contact us by email or telephone when you reserve your room.
*You can temporarily store your baggage before your check-in, or after your check-out.

Where you are now?

1. From any of JR stations

2. From Chitose airport
3. From any of subway stations in Sapporo city
4. From the ferry terminal (Tomakomai/Otaru)

Easy "Photo Guide" from JR Sapporo Station to YH

From Hostel
To Sapporo Convention Center?
Sapporo International YH (Walk 2 min.) → Gakuenmae station (Subway Toho line 4 min.)→ Odori station (Subway Tozai line 5 min.) → Higashi Sapporo station (Walk 8 min.)**By Taxi (15 min. about 1,500 JPN)

To Sapporo Dome?
Sapporo International YH (2 min. walk) → Gakuenmae station (Subway Toho line about 12 min.)Fukuzumi station (7 min walk)
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