YOU's Tabitatsu PASS Member Terms

1.General rule
(1) YOU's Tabitatsu PASS (hereinafter referred to as "PASS") is the preferential pass which is issued by YOU's Tabitatsu Club. (YOU's Tabitatsu Club is organized by the Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative.) YOU's Tabitatsu PASS member can get a discount or other services in accommodation etc.
(2) A member is the person that applied for membership after understanding this Member Terms, and was admitted by the club.

2.Requirements for membership etc.
(1) Please fill out the application form, and then submit to each registration office.
The pass will be issued immediately.
(2) Annual fee and registration fee are free.
The card issuance fee is ¥1000(including tax) and it cannot be refunded.
We hope you understand it.
(3) The validity of the pass is 2 years from the registration date.

3. YOU's Tabitatsu PASS etc.
(1) One card is issued for one member, and all members must have the cards.
(2) The pass can be used only by a member, and it cannot be transferred to a non-member.
(3) A member can get a discount and preferential service by showing the pass at the cash register.

4.Privileges of membership
(1) When a member uses the facility of our affiliate member, he/she can get a discount and preferential service, as stipulated. However it is impossible to be applied in combination with other benefits.
(2) If a member either uses a special tour package, or else reserves an accommodation through a tour agent or travel site, he/she cannot get a discount and preferential service.
(3) In the case of youth hostel accommodation, a member can get a discount and preferential service, only if the room rates on the original website of each youth hostel are applied. (You can get the discount from usual rate for YH non-member.)

5.Disqualification for membership
(1) The case of 2 years later from the registration date.
(2) The case that a false entry was found out.
(3) The case that a member did the following things, against customers or staffs in each facility: violence, fraud, threat, business interference, excessive demand, etc.
In addition, the case a member had a third party do the above mentioned things.
(4) The case that the club decided that his/her membership is inappropriate.

6.The loss, robbery and damage of YOU's Tabitatsu PASS
(1) In the case of the loss or robbery, please contact to "Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative".
(2) The club cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by the loss or robbery of the pass.
(3) In the case of the loss, robbery, or damage, a member can apply for reissue of the pass, but must pay the issuance commission of ¥1000(tax included).
The validity of the pass will be 2 years from the re-issuance date.

7. Change of the agreement
The membership privileges, service details, system, and anything else on this agreement can be changed without advance notice. In that case, we will notify of it through an e-mail or website.

8. Privacy Policy
Regarding the protection of the personal information, we follow the Privacy Policy that we set additionally.
You can access the webpage of the Privacy Policy from the link below.

9. The termination of YOU's Tabitatsu PASS
Due to club circumstances, we can terminate the service of YOU's Tabitatsu PASS. In that case, we will notify of the reason, and a member cannot make an objection about it. We hope you understand it.