River Guide CompanyーNanook
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River Guide CompanyーNanook

Type Outdoor(Canoe)
Access Nearest station JR Mashu Station 3 min by car from Kussharogenya Youth Guesthouse(Shuttle available)
Budget ¥5,000~
Tel 015−484−2766 or 090−3897−7322

Paddle down the Kushiro River!
Enjoy the primitive sights of the beautiful Kushiro River Source and Kushiro Wetland by canoe.

At Nanook, we organize river canoe tours where you hold the paddle in your hand, and row a canoe by yourself. Our guides don't ride with you, but in other canoes and cruise the river together with you. For all courses, practice lessons will be held in a lake to practice how to steer the canoe. If you've never ridden a canoe, you're most welcome to try♪
Kushiro River Source half day/1 day canoe tour
Lake Kussharo Wakoto Peninsula canoe tour
Kushiro Wetland half day/1 day canoe tour

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    Nature shows different side of itself
    when you row yourself.
    Sharpen your senses!
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    Relaxing in the cold clear water.
    Swimming fish can be seen clearly,
    sometimes even large schools.
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    Maybe meet some deer,
    eagles and ostriches
    in the Kushiro Wetland?!
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    Lunch under a blue sky
    in the 1 day tour.
    A happy and delicious time♪

Detailed informatio

Operating Hours 8:00~20:00
Rest Days None
Capacity 1~8persons(Depending on tour)
Tel 015−484−2766 or 090−3897−7322
Address 514−10Biruwa, Teshikaga−cho, Kawakami District, Hokkaido Prefecture
Access Nearest station JR Mashu Station. 3 min by car from Kussharogenya Youth Guesthouse(Shuttle available)
Parking Available(Free)
Payment Cash
Website http://nanook.sakura.ne.jp