Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative (YOU's Tabitatsu Club) Website Policy

Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative (YOU's Tabitatsu Club) operates the website http://www.youthhostel.or.jp/ (herein referred to as the "Website") based on the following Policy Statement.
Please read and understand the statement prior to using our website.

Copyright and attribution of information

Copyright of the Website and the literary property included on this Website, belongs to our association, unless otherwise marked.
In addition, you cannot copy or revise the literary property of YOU's Tabitatsu Club without permission. It is strictly prohibited by law.

Usage notice

The information provided on the Website is subject to alteration without advance notice.
Although we try to confirm each document before positing it, we cannot be held responsible for its authenticity.

Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative (YOU's Tabitatsu Club) Website Privacy Policy

Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative (YOU's Tabitatsu Club) (herein referred to as the "Club") takes the following measures in order to observe the Personal Information Protection Act, because we consider that the protection of users' personal information as our social duty.

Definition of personal information

We understand that information that can be used to identify individual users of our Club Website (herein referred to as "Personal Information") is very important, and therefore are very careful in using it.
Personal information includes your e-mail address, name, age, gender, telephone number, address, occupation, family structure, hobbies, and inquiry details and used services, etc.
The information that can be used for identifying individual is regarded as personal information. This Website will never use our customer's personal information without prior notice.

The purpose of use of the personal information

This site can collect customer's personal information to provide some services.
We try to be careful in using it, because we understand that the personal information is very important.
We only use the information collected from customer within a range of the purpose of use, but never use it for other purpose.
Also, we will never disclose any personal information from the customer to any third parties, with the exception of the following cases:

(1) When the customer has given consent.
(2) When the information is presented in a way that cannot identify the individual.
(3) When we (Tabitatsu PASS Affiliate Members or Hokkaido Youth Hostel Association) can answer customer's inquiry most properly.
(4) When the law requires it.

We keep the personal information from customer only as a record of the service we provided. We will delete it after a certain period of time.

Use of cookies

This site uses cookies on the mail form.
A cookie is small piece of information that web servers send to your browser for efficient operation over the Internet. It can be stored on your disk as a file. Web servers can record which web pages you've visited using cookie.
Although we can identify customer's which computers that a customer has used with cookies, it is not possible to identify individual users. Of course, you can refuse cookies by adjusting your browser settings, or you can display a warning when you receive a cookie.
This site can use the IP address recorded, as necessary, in order to fix a problem by figuring out its cause on our web server, or in order to manage our web server.
IP address can identify the user's computer, but it cannot identify the individual user.

Access Log

This website records the information of a user who has accessed, as an access log. The information recorded includes user's IP address, access date and time, etc. However, it does not include the information that can identify the individual.
Access log is used for the management or analysis of use state on this web site.

Personal information on linked sites

This site introduces the links of other web sites in order to provide customer more useful information and services. We take no responsibility for the collection and usage of customer personal information by the linked site. We recommend that you check the details about the protection of personal information on other web sites to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Change of the statement content

We can change the policy of the personal information protection on this web site depending on the changes of law or other norm.
We will post a notice about the intent when we make a change of some statement content on this site.

Requests of inquiry, correction and deletion

If you want inquiry, correction, deletion of your personal information, please ask to the contact details below.
We will accept your request within a reasonable period of time only after we check your identity for the complete protection of your personal information.

Privacy Policy Management Officer

Hokkaido Youth Hostel Cooperative President Shiraishi, etc.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any other comments or questions about the privacy policy.

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